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Boy Scouts Badge Assistance

Farmer Stewart enjoys sharing his farm and teaching others about agriculture.  This year Farmer Stewart will be offering a program about Plant Science.  This program is offered Mondays through Thursday afternoons and on Friday afternoon, October 7, 2005.  By participating in the program you will learn: 

·        The nature and function of the soil focusing on texture, structure and the need for water, air, and organic matter.

·        How to propagate plants by seeds, roots, cuttings, etc.

·        About insect pests that you find on the farm and the disease damage that these pests cause to Farmer Stewart’s crops.

·        How Farmer Stewart controls weeds without harming people, wildlife or useful insects on his farm.  You will also learn to identify these weeds.

·        About our corn and pumpkin crops.  How do we control weeds in these crops?  How have they contributed to our food supply?  What types of things do we get from corn?  How are they used in the U.S.? 

By participating in this program, you are well on your way to earning that Plant Science Badge!  Come on out to the farm and have fun and learn a lot, too! 

Please call 302- 477-1499, choose option number 6 and leave a message or e-mail us at boyscouts@ramseysfarm.com. Be sure to mention your first and second choice for dates you want to visit the farm. The cost of this program is $6.00 per scout, 1 leader per 5 scouts will be free.


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