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Corn Mazes of Our Past

               Our corn maze has evolved over the years. Our first maze was in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.  Although this was fantastic when flying over our patch, it was very easy to navigate.  In other years our maze did not have a specific pattern.  Most recently we have added interactive farm trivia questions into our maze. Trivia questions can be customized to your theme for large private groups, this works particularly well for night time (flash light) events. Call to discuss details.

For 2002 we added a straw bale maze for the younger folks. The straw bale maze was easier to navigate and easy for adults to monitor their young’ns from the sideline. In 2004 we added a sorghum maze, for the intermediate maze goers, and double the size of our corn maze (roughly 7 acres).

We have different customized trivia for Kindergarten, First and Second grades, as well as, different sports trivia for sports fans. Girl Scout and Boy Scout trivia is also available for those groups when they visit our farm and we will gladly provide you with the answer key if your group would like to make up your own trivia to navigate through our maze! Be sure to mention that you would like the template for the maze when you book your group visit to our farm.

Here is the 2004 Maze!!! 

Sorghum maze, for the intermediate maze goers

Both pictures above by Ardis Brooke Pitone.




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